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Hann. Muenden -
Houses and Owners 1730 - 1900

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HousesRemarkableOwners since 1730

The Owners 1730 - 1900


Included in the registers of 1730 and 1770 were the eventual trade and commerce activities of the tax payers - whether a tax payer operated a guest house or pub, or was in the possession of a big 6-8 foot boat or just  a small one between 3-5 feet or just one for traversing the rivers, or whether he earned his living as a craftsman or other activities.

From these records we have detailed insight into the occupations of the house owners of the 18th century.


The spelling of names in the entries of the various registers varied relatively often (f-ff, k-ck, d-dt, oe-ö, n-nn). When it was obvious that the one and same person was meant, the most recent spelling was taken.

Abbreviations such as Hrch., Chrn., Chrph., Joh. and so on were often used especially in the register of 1820.
In order to avoid confusion the full name was used in all cases.

A B - Bat Bau - Bet
Beu - Bis Ble - Bor Bra - But
Fa - Fo Fra - Fu Ga - Go
Gr - Gu Ha - Hap Har - Hei
Hel - Hey Hi -Ho Hu
I J Ka - Kh
Ki - Koen Koer - Kru Ku
La - Li Lo Lu
Ma - Meu Mey - Muelk Muell - Mutz
Q Ra - Reu Ri - Ru
Sa - Se Si - Sp Su - Sz
Scha - Schi Schl - Schra Schre - Schw
St T U
V Wa - Wen Wer - Win
Wis - Wr Wu Z
It was not the purpose of this project to publish the information contained in the registers word for word. The goal was more to clarify which house was which in the various public records.

The date (year) in some entries of the register were missing. If this date could not be interpolated from the other entries (purchase or sale of properties and so on) then the date of the precedeing entry was used.


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