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Hann. Muenden -
Houses and Owners 1730 - 1900

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HousesRemarkableOwners since 1730



The first register of the city was established in 1730 for all of the property tax payers and listed all of the houses and real estate including fields and pastures in their possession.

The purpose of this register was to create a comprehensive record of taxes that were levied for the individual property owners.

One distinguished between "Brewery" (Brauhaus) and "Cottage" (Kothhaus) and assessed taxes accordingly.

For example the owner of a "Brauhaus" was to pay 4 thaler and that of a "Kothhaus" 2. When 2 owners shared a house each paid 1/2 the tax for the house.

As long ago as 1360 the city council passed statutes regulating beer brewing in Muenden. The right to brew beer was given only to those who were citizens of Muenden, owned their own houses, paid their taxes regularly and - important for the defense of the city - possessed their own suit of armor, crossbow and ladder. Guard duty on the city wall was required as well. The brewery license was issued to the house, was taxed separately and was passed on from owner to owner in case the house changed hands. Thus arises the name that was given to these houses: "Brauhaus".


Houses of residents that did not have the right to brew beer or rights to the common lands (farm animals, wood rights) were called cottage (Kothhaus). There were 337 such houses registered in 1730. After 1766 each of these houses was allotted 1 cord of fire wood from the city´s forest; the brewery houses were allotted the double amount. This right of fire wood was gradually done away with in modern times.

Also included in the register were the eventual trade and commerce activities of the tax payers - whether a tax payer operated a guest house or pub, or was in the possession of a big 6-8 foot boat or just a small one between 3-5 feet or just one for traversing the rivers, or whether he earned his living as a craftsman or other activities. From these records we have detailed insight into the occupations of the house owners of the 18th century.


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